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Content writing

Erie Advertising Club Addy Award-Winning Work 2005

Pennsylvania Wilds Interactive CD
Pennsylvania Wilds
Interactive CD
Best in Show, Best in Show District 2

Kerry Food & Beverage Ste. Claire, PQ CD
Kerry Food & Beverage
Investor CD

Kerry Foodservice Panko Rollout Kit
Kerry Foodservice
Panko Crumb Rollout Kit

GE Transportation Systems Employee Interactive CD
GE Transportation Systems
Employee Interactive CD

Web Site

BENSUR Bits New Business Mailer
BENSUR Bits New Business Mailer

Tourism Work

Erie Maritime Heritage Walking Tour cover
Erie Maritime Heritage Walking Tour inside spread

Port of Erie
Maritime Trail Interpretive Brochure

The Port of Erie in partnership with the Erie County Historical Society created a walking tour of landmarks in Erie, PA’s rich maritime history.

PA's Great Lakes Region Fulfillment Mailer cover

Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes Region
Fulfillment Mailer

Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes Region is the last of the cooperative Regional Marketing Initiatives created to consolidate and strengthen tourism marketing in the Commonwealth. This mailer was designed for the RMI’s initial year, before joint marketing materials had been created, to contain travel planners from the RMI’s four constituent-county TPAs. The tone was to be youthful, upbeat and energetic, the very opposite of the region’s Rust Belt perception.

PA's Great Lakes Region Road Trips guide, Itinerary 1
PA's Great Lakes Region Road Trips guide, Itinerary 2

Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes Region
Great Lakes Road Trips brochure/catalog

Created for the second year of Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes Region’s marketing efforts, the text for these itineraries was initially written by staff at constituent TPAs. When the text submitted to the agency was about four times what the planned size of the book could accommodate, I radically rewrote the itineraries and edited them to reduce their size, but preserved the listing of the attractions, all of whom were promised inclusion in the vehicle. This was done within a work week to maintain the pre-season deadline for availability of the vehicle.

Erie Fine Dining Group spread

Erie Fine Dining Group
Membership Brochure Spread

The Erie Fine Dining Group is a membership restaurant discount program designed to stimulate trial among the region’s tonier properties. Copy was written to entice and to maximize the value of the free entreé offered with every meal purchased through the plan.

Bunzl Tacoma “Fencing Challenge”

Streaming Video

The “Fencing Challenge” video was created to introduce and support an internal sales promotion for PVC fencing slats manufactured by the Tacoma-based plastics multinational. The boxing metaphor was chosen as a humorous and compelling metaphor for the promotion, was was in the form of a competition.

Erie Historical Society

:30 Spot TV

I created a series of :30 donut TV spots to create awareness of the Erie History Center and its mission in advance of a major capital campaign in the Erie MSA. The spots featured the Center’s well-known then-director telling “did you know that?” stories, both to borrow interest, and to position the center as a vibrant place for exploration, not a moribund archive of Erie’s gentry.

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