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Erie & Chautauqua

Erie & Chautauqua Annual, 1998
“Best Of” Page

This was a front-of-the-book feature for a now-defunct city and regional glossy which I served as associate editor for the 1998 and 1999 issues. This department outlined the most notable attractions of the region (Erie County, PA and Chautauqua County, NY) in a breezy, literate and upscale tone befitting the nature of the magazine property.

Erie & Chautauqua 1998 Restaurant Intro 1

Erie & Chautauqua 1998 Restaurant Intro 2

Erie & Chautauqua Annual, 1998
Restaurants Section Introduction Spread

While Erie & Chautauqua Annual was primarily targeted in-market, the hospitality industry was a foundation category for the ad pages. Additionally, copies were placed in about half the region’s inventory of hotel, motel and B&B rooms as a courtesy copy. This this section provided an itinerary of sorts for hungry visitors. Again, the tone is upscale yet fun.